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CountAnything allows you to chars/word count almost any text file
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Ginstrom IT Solutions (GITS)

CountAnything is a freeware tool that allows you to count all, absolutely all words and characters on any given document. The app is an optimal tool for users that need to have an accurate word count (writers, reviewers, students, etc.). This small program goes beyond the mere "word count" function included in Word; you can have the words and characters counted from embedded objects containing words/characters in/on them, having with this the most accurate count you could ask for. CountAnything supports the word/char count for most common text apps like Microsoft Office (doc,rtf,xls,csv,ppt), Open Office (odt,odp,ods), Adobe PDF, HTML, XML, and plain text. The program is able to perform batch or whole folders word/character counting on files, creating a final report with all the information regarding the documents in consideration. The app language interface can be switched from English (US) to Japanese (only if your OS is in Japanese or the proper language packs are installed), making this a great tool for translators using this language option. You're able even to count the words of a website URL. (see screenshot)

Augusto Rivera
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  • A small package
  • Comprehensive reports


  • Unless you really need to have words/chars precise count this tool might be for you, otherwise keep using the built-in counter of the text program you use
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